Sunday, 11 February 2018

I Lost My Virginity to a Busty Alien Called Crescent

He says he was in the woods near the farm where he grew up when Crescent approached him and they had sex in the forest.

David Huggins claims to have generated hundreds of babies after having sex with an alien called Crescent.Um man who claims to have lost her virginity to one at 17 ALIEN shared some very disturbing details of his "close encounters" with This Morning Viewers

74 years, New York, claim to have had sex with the Crescent since he was a teenager and creates extraordinary works of art that show the links in graphic detail.

David says it was first visited by aliens when he was eight, but things took an unexpected turn nine years later.

"I think she wears a wig, I'm not really sure, big black eyes and long black nails," he said, describing the appearance of your lover to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

"Why do you think that an alien would wear a wig?" Phillip asked.

"I think for aesthetic reasons," he admitted.

He also described how he generated hundreds of babies with the aliens.

"They're all in glass cases stacked on each other," he said.

"So, how do the aliens choose a guy who works in the deli compartment in New Jersey to show up?"

"I've always been there for some reason and I would do whatever they asked me to do," said David.

But Holly asked him to obtain evidence after he said he last saw Crescent only "four or five months ago."

"Why do not you take a picture and then it is a proof?" she demanded.

And the spectators were also unconvinced.

"Yes, I'm sure, all sexy specimens of this world - the foreigners choose to sh **," one joked.