Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Breaking :UFO presence at America's Top Research Facilities

This show analyzes videos and eyewitness accounts that suggest a strong UFO presence at two of America's top research facilities; Brookhaven National Laboratory on New York's Long Island, and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in Northern California.

A frequent concept in ufology and popular culture is that the true extent of information about UFOs is being suppressed by some form of conspiracy of silence, or by an official cover up that is acting to conceal information.

In 1968, American engineer James Harder argued that significant evidence existed to prove UFOs "beyond reasonable doubt," but that the evidence had been suppressed and largely neglected by scientists and the general public, thus preventing sound conclusions from being reached on the ETH. "Over the past 20 years a vast amount of evidence has been accumulating that bears on the existence of UFO's. Most of this is little known to the general public or to most scientists. But on the basis of the data and ordinary rules of evidence, as would be applied in civil or criminal courts, the physical reality of UFO's has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt" J A Harder

A survey carried out by Industrial Research magazine in 1971 showed that more Americans believed the government was concealing information about UFOs (76 percent) than believed in the existence of UFOs (54 percent), or in ETH itself (32 percent).

Dr. Steven M. Greer MD, founder of CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has gathered over 36 hours of witness testimony from high-ranking government, and military officials. John Callahan, Chief of Division for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) recalls an incident in which a Japanese Boeing 747 had captured an object travelling tens of thousands of miles on radar.

Greer states that the reason for the cover-up of the UFO phenomena by the military industrial complex is because "any rational person, would ask the question, how did they get here?" and that if these reverse-engineered technologies ever became disclosed, there would be free, abundant energy for all, "however that is somebodies $200 trillion piggy bank" in reference to the current estimates of oil reserves left on the planet.

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