Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Video evidence of the Flight Malaysia MH370 was abducted by UFO

The videos listed below, may show what was the cause of death of the great twin Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, at the hands of three spherical objects that are not identifiable; three UFOs?

In both movies, most likely captured from the same satellite but from different points of view, you'll notice that the sequence of actions that took place nell'adduzione, is the same.

The ownership of the video, it may be indicated by the characters at the bottom of the images shown in the first, which, would indicate that it might be the format used by the satellites of the National Reconnaissance Office . The second film, however, has been made ​​possible by shooting with heat filters.

The videos were posted by the same user, the youtuber RegicideAnon , respectively on May 19 and June 12.

According to you, thanks to the complete synchronicity, in both movies, the actions of flight of the aircraft is that of spherical objects, the images of the video, they could show what really happened to Flight Malaysia Airlines MH370 called?

After a few days by the disappearance of the plane Malaysian Flight MH370 and with early speculation, not without foundation, about an abduction of veivolo, I was reminded of the TV series: "The Event" .

In the early episodes of the series, just a civilian plane is made to disappear through alien technology, to be subsequently hijacked [Event False-Flag] to a conference where the first black president of the United States history, was preparing to inform humanity about the presence alien on planet Earth.

Memphis 75: "The television series" THE EVENT "is composed of 22 episodes for a total of about 22 hours of film. "Menphis75" has reduced, after a painstaking, about five hours assembling the parts most important and significant, a concentrate, THE TOP!

Only those who have seen this video in full has understood the importance and the truth announced, one of the reasons why they have not done more to continue the series!

A video to download, publish and see absolutely that tells us many uncomfortable truths about what is really happening on planet Earth and what we can expect short of catastrophic damage to humanity if we do not wake up, quickly, from this lethargy induced !

Unfortunately, those who still flaunts to not believe, nor even before the evidence of facts, which today more than ever emerge, it means that it is still a slave. This means that unconsciously or not, many are complicit in what has happened, is happening and waiting for us, to the detriment of the whole community! Remember: "He who does not punish evil, commands that you let us."

Even the same planet is suffering, crying, and that justice can no longer wait even your and their whims. Completely indifferent to humanity where no one wants to take responsibility as an individual and continues to delegate, even after a thousand lies and theft, always in someone else's life and future, lavandosene hands, yet always ready to complain about never having done anything .

In fact they are the ignorant and stupid the most dangerous of which we should worry so much conditioning in this Matrix! "There are fields, endless fields where men are not born, they are grown." (The Matrix) - There is urgent to wake up before it is too late because this hybrid race hostile already invaded us for eons and who lives among us, whose leaders pull their true fate of the world from behind the scenes and also call them aliens, demons, fallen angels or archons.

And many of their faithful servants who have sold out, or the same as their children hybrids, sit in command of the main centers of power to enslave and kill us slowly with all ways and means. They fear our mass awakening, because a conscious citizen does not need leaders and masters to obey it.

Therefore are accelerating the timing of their final agenda called NWO to make their final harvest of souls and slaves in which I invite you to inform you as soon as possible because it is already late " . - Some topics covered in the series: Alien Invasion, vaccinations, secret government, pandemics artificial, false-flag, secret experiments, dictatorship, alien underground bases, alien to the government, hybrids between us, depopulation, secret pacts, infiltrated the institutions, futuristic technologies denied, media censorship, presidents brainwashed, secret battle, history denied, portal galactic, microchip, enslave humans, new world order, nibiru, apocalypse, the expectation of the final event, etc. .. etc. ...

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  1. Interesting. Cannot prove that the flight is MH370 though? All will be revealed.