Saturday, 23 June 2018

Egypt's mysterious architectural complex UFO space base exposure?

According to reports in the United Kingdom, some people believe that UFO research is recommended for Secureteam10 called the UFO explore who described it as a haunt of the UFO land, and the government often cover up the truth and out of the Strip and the alien planet as of

UFO called Secureteam10 of exploring who described it as a UFO haunt, the government and often cover up the truth of the Strip and the aliens out of the earth by the recommendation .

  In fact, this is the structure that Matteo Ianneo, an Italian UFO explorer, discovered as early as October 2015. In the analysis video, he said that his position is displayed on Google Maps at 30° 113.25N 31°4314.51E and 47 km from Cairo, the capital of Egypt.
This is the structure discovered by Italian UFO explorer Matteo Ianneo as early as October 2015

  FindingUFO said in a video posted on April 5 that also found four parts of this structure on Google Maps. Can not determine its use, but it is reminiscent of a source of underground construction . Readers George (George Gerbanas) said: "These buildings remind me of the planet war." Dennis (Dennis Huffman) ask questions in the comments, the Egyptian government is not a secret UFO base?

A commenter believes that it is a normal building without any singularities; or it is recommended for nuclear facilities, sand mining sites, underground bases, missile launching stations, and so on. Adam Looze, the reader, said that there was no relationship with the aliens because the buildings were close to the highway. And reader Joe wrote: "This may be the original landing platform for the spacecraft ."

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