Sunday, 13 October 2013

UFO filmed in tunnel in Stuttgart Germany make an accident

Electrical phenomena in the atmosphere is almost similar to the lightning or thunder, but this phenomenon is a ball or disc with a diameter of a few inches to several feet and shine.

Spherical or disc-rays can also move with different speeds. The scientists also still do not know by what power or energy that makes it move, by what and going to where?

In addition, phenomena such as flashes of the form that is also not known what causes it and where their origins, but clearly the phenomenon is real, not a hoax.

The development of more advanced gadget with a camera facility, then this natural phenomenon has started being seen by witnesses and recorded video. So as not to be misconstrued again by the layman as the UFO that still exist are considered just a hoax, the UFO scientists named this more specifically, by the name of "the ball lighting" or the Ball of Light.

This phenomenon is including a natural phenomenon, also known as "Atmosphere Electrical Phenomenon", or AEP, including the thunder, lightning, and Sprite.

But because many of the scientific questions than answers about this natural phenomenon, aka the origin can not be solved and so forth, where the name of this unknown phenomenon as "Unexplained". Ago that was called "Atmosphere Electrical Phenomenon" (AEP), then be "Atmosphere Electrical Unexplained Phenomenon" (UAEP).

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